ISBN-13: 978-1-7332-3329-3
ISBN-10: 1-7332-3329-6
Language: English

Where the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

Author: Rashi Rohatgi

Publisher: Galaxy Galloper Press

Year: 2020

Description: It’s 1905, and the Japanese victory over the Russians has shocked the British and their imperial subjects. Sixteen-year-old Leela and her younger sister, Maya, are spurred on to wear homespun to show the British that the Indians won’t be oppressed much longer, either, but when Leela’s betrothed, Nash, asks her to circulate a petition amongst her classmates to desegregate the girls’ schools in Chandrapur, she’s wary. She needs to remind Maya that the old ways are not all bad, for soon Maya will have to join her betrothed and his family in their quiet village. When she discovers that Maya has embarked on a forbidden romance, Leela’s response shocks her family, her town, and her country firmly into the new century.

Galaxy Galloper Press Novella Spectacular Contest Winner



Tina Shashikanth 

Jaggery Literature Journal

Progressive feminist politics has largely rejected the alluring and constricting boundaries that regulate women’s experiences, a move we see Leela make. Where The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow is fearless and breathtaking because it attempts to record many unheard female voices.

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Contributor: Rashi Rohatgi

Editors: Flair Donglai Shi and Gareth Guanming Tan

Columbia University Press, 2020