Environmentalism in Education
Nicole Treciokas & Juliana Seok (Queen’s University)

An project submitted to the Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University in conformity with the requirements for the Queen’s University International Alternative Practicum credit, administered by the CANOPY Project

April, 2021

  • In Partnership with Nord University & The CANOPY Project
  • Supervisors: Wenche Sørmo, Mette Gårdvik & Karin Stoll (Nord University)
  • About the Project

    Our goal for this project is to create a resource for educators that gives them access to valuable environmental education lesson plans. We have provided examples for both elementary and secondary grades in order to show how simple and effective incorporating education surrounding the environment can be for all ages. We worked extremely hard researching what works well in both Ontario’s curriculum and Norway’s. We believe that the lesson plans we came up with highlight the most critical aspects of environmental education and will benefit students globally- not strictly from Ontario or Norway. By comparing Norway’s environmental education curriculum and Ontario’s we were allowed to see the value that environmental education brings to students.

    Nicole Treciokas and Juliana Seok, graduating teacher candidates from Queen’s University, participated in the 2020 IAP supervision exchange with Nord University, hosted by the CANOPY Project. Under the supervision of Wenche Sørmo, Mette Gårdvik & Karin Stoll from the Faculty of Education and Arts, they undertook a comprehensive research project about Environmental Education and produced an informational website with a series of creative lesson plans.  

    You will find below some of their project work. Visit the “Environmentalism in Education” project website to see all of their research reports and to access their complete collection of elementary and secondary lesson plans.

    Sample Elementary Lesson Plans (Grade 5)