Spotlight on Student Research: Results of the 2021 CANOPY Online IAP and Supervision Exchange

In light of ongoing restrictions emerging from the pandemic, the CANOPY project revised their regular IAP-offering (the mobility placement of Queen’s University teacher education students within educational organizations in Bodø, Norway for 3-4 weeks each spring) into a supervision/mentorship exchange in 2021. This online opportunity connected 3 pairs of upper-year teacher education students (6 total) from Queen’s University with expert supervisors from the Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University. These pairs, under the guidance of their supervisors, completed major projects (180 hours) on a topic of their choice about pressing issues in the field of education.

After meetings, research, and development work together, the students were expected to deliver a final product; the format of this output varied – ranging from formal research essays to more creative multimodal opportunities, like websites, lesson portfolios, and posters. While working on these projects, IAP students from Canada were also able to engage with the academic and student community in Norway: joining MAGLU classes to discuss their work and ideas with Nord teacher education students, attending research group events, presenting their findings at the second CANOPY Seminar, and surveying/interviewing local teachers and students for their research.

Bethany Hamilton and Logan Lafreniere, IAP-students from Queen's University, present their research findings about educational technology training at the CANOPY Seminar on Educational Leadership in/and Crisis on 7 May 2021.

Both students and supervisors participating in this IAP-program found it immensely valuable for their professional development. Many of the student researchers appreciated the chance to focus on a more advanced and intensive project, enjoyed the freedom to explore new and exciting areas of research, and benefitted the opportunity to learn from and engage with their supervisors in a collegial and collaborative environment. The supervisors were highly impressed with their IAP-students – with their work ethic, their research quality & thoroughness, their creativity, and their overall advanced performance. Many of the supervisors indicated that they have used this unique experience to newly revise their own supervision procedures, as well as their aspirations for student performance at Nord.

Check out some of the IAP student projects below!

IAP Project Results

Bethany Hamilton, Logan Lafreniere

[Inger Lise Valstad, Duarte Nuno Farbu Pinto]

Nicole Treciokas, Juliana Seok 

[Wenche Sørmo, Mette Gårdvik, Karin Stoll]

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