Art exhibition – Gullevaš/Golgalaš

10th May – 23rd June Buvvda Musea

Gullevaš/Golgolaš (Belonging/Displacement) is an exhibition featuring eight artists from Sápmi exploring the concepts of home, belonging, identity, and exclusion. The exhibition brings together traditional duodji, painting, textile, installation, film, and sound art, collectively developed through an extensive process with a unique approach to materiality, architecture, reuse, and improvisation. The exhibition is part of a larger Sámi collaborative project with Bådåddjo/Buvvda Musea (Bodø City Museum/Nordland
Museum), putting Sámi art on the map in Bodø in 2024. In addition to the exhibition at Bodø Art Association, a new version of artist and architect Joar Nango’s Girjegumpi willbe presented at Bådåddjo/Buvvda Musea.

Katarina Spik Skum
Elina Waage Mikalsen
Anders Sunna
Olof Marsja
Matti Aikio
Joar Nango/Ken Are Bongo
Sigbjørn Skåden

Helga-Marie Nordby