On 6 and 7 February, the Nord Entertainment Conference (NEC) will be held where researchers and industry professionals discuss game development and media entertainment from different angles.

The conference will take place in English and the topic of the conference will be “diversity and inclusion”. The focus will be on game development, but in addition to having students in Games and experience technology as the target audience, much of the conference’s content will also be suitable for students in both film and TV production, as well as CG art. Other target groups are:

  • Other university students at Levanger
  • Students at IDI at NTNU, Trondheim
  • Students at upper secondary schools in the area (e.g. Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy, Steinkjer, etc.)
  • Students at community colleges in the area
  • The professional community in the area, as well as anyone else who may be interested


Day 1 – Tuesday, February 6

Day 2 – Wednesday, February 7

Exhibitors and Gallery

During the conference there will be a exhibitors section showcasing different projects and artistic pieces. In this exhibition you will see awesome projects and art, including the projects from the Creative Weekend.

If you want to showcase your projects please register using the button below:

The conference is financed via a joint venture from various sources.