The partners of the NON-Fôr project flew from the UK and Denmark to participate in the ‘Seminar on Future Salmon Feeds’ organized by the team at Nord University. Other partners joined the seminar virtually. Fifty people attended the seminar, including both in-person and online participants from different parts of the world. The day before the seminar was eventful, starting with a RIB tour to Saltstraumen, one of the strongest maelstroms in the world. The partners enjoyed an eagle watch during the RIB tour and a bus ride to a Salmon Center, GIFAS, Inndyr, followed by a dinner in Bodø.

The seminar day commenced with a warm welcome speech by Mette Sørensen to set the stage for insightful presentations by the invited speakers. Inger Beate Standal (SINTEF) and Olai Einan (CERMAQ) emphasized the need to diversify salmon feed raw materials, develop technology around novel ingredients, and champion environmental and economic sustainability, among others, by reducing CO2 emissions and nutrient discharges. They stressed the goal to increase ingredient basket’s self-sufficiency to 37% by 2050, aiming for 1.2 million tonnes of protein for the salmon industry. The partners also shared their results with the audience to ensure a rich exchange of insights. The seminar on 30 November ended with the partners discussing their future trajectory towards acquiring future projects.

Here are some pictures from the event: