In the project NON-Fôr we will obtain significant information to promote sustained expansion of Atlantic salmon farming industry. In the proposed feeding trials, we will study the effects of insect meal, algal oil and microalga-derived astaxanthin. Here are some interesting facts about the research targets.

Figure 1. Globally farmed Atlantic salmon. Production values are in tonnes and the associated value is in thousand dollars. The data is retrieved from

Figure 2. Production figures of mealworms and black soldier flies. Continent-wise share is color coded. BSF- black soldier flies, MW- mealworms. The data is from

Figure 3. Fatty acid profiles of Veramaris oil compared to those of fish oil and rapeseed oil. Data from ARRINA booklet and

Figure 4. Astaxanthin content in microalgae, macroalgae, bacteria, fungi and crustaceans. Data from