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Sustained expansion of aquaculture industry is achievable through the development of a diverse range of raw materials for aquafeeds. This strategy has helped the aquaculture and aquafeed industries to reduce the reliance on marine ingredients. The aquaculture industry should make a prudent selection of novel feed ingredients that have neither negative effects on health and welfare of farmed fish nor any undue effect on the final product quality. The project NON-Fôr will generate knowledge and solutions to significantly improve the sustainability of aquafeeds for the Nordic aquaculture community. A key deliverable will be high quality specialized feeds, tailored to meet the challenges faced within today’s advanced commercial production facilities. High-performance feeds will be developed using novel materials from sustainable sources including insect meal and microalgae. NON-Fôr is a collaborative project funded by NordForsk ( The anticipated outcomes of the project ( led by Professor Mette Sørensen of Nord University, Bodø, Norway can lead to technological innovations with new feed ingredients. The project partners, representing a diverse range of stakeholders from both the aquaculture community and wider society, intend to conduct exceptional research through international cooperation. A main objective of the consortium is to establish a platform that delivers important commercial results as well as to document key sustainability criteria for stakeholders throughout the value chain. We will equip both master and PhD students with the necessary skills that they require for their career in the aquaculture and aquafeed industries.

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