Sport and Gender 2022

Live-streaming keynotes and plenary lecture

With the conference just a couple of months away to kick off in Bodø, we are excited to announce that all the keynotes and plenary lecture will be live-streamed online via this link. It is free to watch for anyone interested. The sessions run for one hour each, showcasing some of the emerging issues and alternative futures for gender and sport with internationally recognized scholars and practitioners. See below for a list of the plenary lectures’ start times (GMT+2 time zone) and more on what to expect:

Wednesday, 16th November

14.30 pm – 15.30 pm: Daniel Alsvare (Örebro University) – “Sport, gender and violence: Changes and continuities, connections and complexities”

Thursday, 17th November

1 pm – 2 pm: Sepandarmaz Mashreghi (Malmö University) – “Decoloniality and sport studies

Friday, 18th November

11 am – 12 pm: Gro-Marie Thomassen (Sports Council of Bodø) – “Sports for All: A Practitioner Perspective

Stay tuned for annoucements throughout the next weeks.