Sport and Gender 2022

Call for papers

“Emerging issues and alternative futures for gender and sport”. 14th Annual Meeting of the Transnational Scholars for the Study of Gender and Sport | Nord University, Bodø, Norway, November 16–18, 2022. 

Emerging issues and alternative futures for gender and sport 

Research on sport and gender has demonstrated a variety of gendered issues that sport has struggled with. In sports policies as well as practices, on an institutional and individual level, these issues have been shown to constitute a multitude of problems that have often led to the discrimination and exclusion of women and non-binary people from sporting cultures and communities. As previous research has shown, sport remains a space where advancements in gender equity are often resisted. Simultaneously, the rapidly changing societies also shape the conditions for the participation in, and governing of, sport. For example, increased digitalization of sport, the emergence of virtually played sports (esports), and increased use of performance-enhancing technologies in men and women’s elite sport, are among the novel phenomena that impact future issues and potentials for gender and sport.  

For the conference, we invite scholars, policymakers and practitioners to discuss emerging transformations, issues and potentials that concern gender and related topics in sport. While some problems persist, there are also new and undetected phenomena that configure gendered issues in sport in novel and unexpected ways. In the changing conditions of sport and society, many alternative futures for gender and sport may lay ahead. Therefore, there is a need to consider if long-standing gendered issues in sport could be addressed alternatively with new tools and approaches. Thus, we encourage conference participants to propose how we may approach emerging problematics in research, policymaking and practice in the field of gender and sport. 

The conference invites presentations from a wide range of topics and issues related to emerging issues and alternative futures for gender and sport, including: 

  • Gender equity and sustainability  
  • LGBTIQ+ experiences and queer approaches 
  • Race and intersectionality 
  • Gender and parasports 
  • Discrimination, harassment and abuse  
  • New technologies, innovation and elite sport 
  • Coaching and refereeing 
  • Gender and sport media 
  • Policies and governance 
  • Youth sport, physical activity and physical education  
  • Other issues related to gender and sport 

Abstract submission guidelines 

  • Authors should submit their abstracts in English. 
  • Authors are required to submit their abstract online (abstracts sent by e-mail will not be accepted). The portal to submit abstracts will close on August 29, 2022. Information about acceptance will be provided by email by September 12, 2022.  
  • Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.  
  • Contributions can be conceptual/theoretical, empirical, or methodological in nature or they can present projects or policies that engage with gendered issues in sport.  
  • Apart from empirically oriented presentations, we encourage the submission of conceptual and theoretical work. Authors are asked to indicate the focus of their submitted paper in the abstract submission system. We ask that empirical paper abstracts are structured as follows: Objectives, Methods, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion. 
  • Submission via submission portal on the homepage. 
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the members of the conference’s local organizing committee. 
  • Presenting authors need to register for and attend the congress. 
  • We encourage all presenters to prepare a PowerPoint presentation in order to facilitate comprehension since the conference attracts an international audience. 
  • Registration fees must be paid by October 18. 2022, at the latest, to secure the presentation during the congress and the publication of your name and abstract in the book of abstracts. 
  • All authors agree that their abstracts will be published in the book of abstracts and online.