Project Activities

International Advisory Board Meeting

On Monday 11 April 2022, our International Advisory Board gathered for an online meeting. The VOICES participants presented their visions of project milestones and activities and got insights from our esteemed experts – Emmanuel Acquah (Åbo Akademi University), Emmanuell Le Pichon-Vorstman (University of Toronto), and Antoinette Gagne (University of Toronto). The further implementation steps are set up, and our VOICES continue!

Data collection started

In May 2022, VOICES began collecting data. This phase of data collection recruits teacher education students, school principals, teachers providing primary education to migrant and minority pupils, minority and majority language pupils their parents, as well as members of minority-focused NGOs in Northern Norway to complete surveys and interviews!

Steering Committee and International Advisory Board meeting at Åbo Akademi University – November 2022

On 11-12 November 2022 Åbo Akademi University welcomed project collaborators Natallia Hanssen and Marina Prilutskaya of Nord University as well as Emanuelle Aquach of Åbo Akademi’s Minority Research Profile during a joint Steering Committee and International Advisory Board meeting. This was a productive and fascinating discussion of the draft programme for our forthcoming course on teacher intercultural competence!

Promulgating project findings during HERE inaugural conference (University of Nottingham, 22-23 November 2022)

During 22-23 November 2022 our VOICES were listened to by the participants of the Hub for European Refugee Education (HERE) inaugural conference which was chaired by Professor Joanna McIntyre at the University of Nottingham. The presentation “Substantive Equality of Refugee Pupils in Education Acts of Finland and Norway” reported on the results of needs & gaps review in national laws and policy documents during Parallel Session 2: Equality and Inclusion.

Here Venue

HERE venue

Presentation by Joanna McIntyre

Conference programme – congratulations, VOICES!