About English at Nord University

Nord University offers a Bachelor of English, taught in Bodø; we also offer a Master of Education with a Specialization in English for grades 1-7 and 5-10, taught at our Bodø campus, as well as at our campuses in Levanger and Nesna. We believe that good English teachers know their subject broadly and deeply, and that anyone who loves the English language, and its literature and cultures, can become a good English teacher. Our approach must be working, because the Bachelor of English at Nord University was rated the best in Norway in student satisfaction in 2017 (NOKUT Studiebarometeret).

Our program consists of classes that engage the critical and historical traditions of English, from the earliest impulses for language, to the first records of English literature, to contemporary writing about our own time. We take our bachelor and teacher education students through a challenging one-year program that includes English language and linguistics, British and American literatures, and research methodology in English, all of which in some way also engage the idea of education and the vocation of teaching. From there, bachelor students continue with an in-depth study of literary linguistics, English language history, and literature and culture from various genres, and from diverse historical and cultural perspectives, taught by active scholars in these fields. Our teacher education students continue an intensive education program focusing on the correct approaches and methods for engaging children in learning English in a culturally diverse world, building towards some central research questions about the value of education itself, again taught by experienced teacher educators and researchers.

Since our Bodø campus hosts a unique Centre for Practical Knowledge  (link in Norwegian) with a PhD in Professional Praxis, we guide both our Bachelor of English and Master of Education students toward a reflective and philosophically-informed approach to their subjects. Our research supervision at the PhD level plays a central role in shaping our outlook on our professional practice.

English Department Faculty in Bodø:

Professor Janice Bland

Dr. Patrik Bye

Dr. Jamie Callison

Dr. Jessica Allen Hanssen

Dr. Ken Hanssen

Dr. Nayr Ibrahim

Professor James McGuirk

Dr. Andrew McKendry

Dr. Rashi Rohatgi


Affiliated PhD Candidates:

Ms. Marina Prilutskaya

Mr. Andreas Lieng Veimo


Campus Nesna

Campus Levanger