Read-a-Thon Readings for Download

After you have signed up for the read-a-thon, you’ll want to download and practice your reading. Here is where you can download your specific reading for the Frankenstein read-a-thon on October 31st. Please consult Frankenstein Readings for the specific beginning and end points of your reading (they’re also highlighted in yellow).

Please find and download the reading that corresponds with the time you have selected. From there, please practice your reading from the beginning to end points (these are highlighted in yellow) in order to make sure you are comfortable reading your selection in the given time frame of five or ten minutes.

A marked copy of the novel will be available on the day, but you might prefer to use the one you have practiced with. You can also find the specific passage online ( is good for a quick cut-and-paste) and print a large-text version, if you prefer.

If you need to know how to pronounce any words, and you’re on campus or have home access to the Nord University Library’s resources, you can use Ordnett: change the flag to “English,” type in the word, and hear how it should sound, with either British or American pronunciation. Pretty cool!

You do not have to read loudly, but it would be nice if you could infuse your reading with a bit of dramatic emphasis. This is, after all, a Gothic novel, so feel free to camp it up a bit. ?

Reading 1

Reading 2

Reading 3

Reading 4

Reading 5

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Reading 7

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Reading 15

Reading 16

Reading 17

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