Our Project Partners

We are deeply grateful to everyone who is helping us make Frankenreads fun for Nord University and local high school students (we hope to keep adding to this list as the project develops!):

The Faculty of Education and Arts

Nord University Library (especially senior librarian Anders Moe)

Bodø Filmklubb

Craig Alibone


International Students Union Bodø

Akademika Bookstore (especially senior sales rep and horror aficionado Audun Bjølgerud)

Student i Nord (especially cafeteria manager Ann-Kristin Evjen, and chef and Bavarian Gerald Zainiger)

and, of course, the Keats-Shelley Association of America

Please visit frankenstein2018.com to view Høgskulen i Volda’s excellent resource, including newly-recorded lectures, archival video content, and updates about Volda’s ongoing Frankenreads project.