Project objectives

Primary goals

  •  Evaluate and analyze current maritime logistics operations and intermodal sea-land connections along the coast of Northern Norway.
  • Suggest ways to increase the share of overall cargo flow utilizing maritime transport, considering logistics cost and emissions.

Subsidiary goals

  • Analyze the future significance of a port on the northern coast of Norway acting as a transport and logistics hub for north-south and west-east flow of cargo, passengers and data.
  • Identify the volumes and types of cargo expected to be generated in Northern Norway during the next 10 years and the percentage of this trade that is likely to be transported by sea.
  • Assess the operational, technical and structural components of the overall maritime logistics system and suggest improvements based on new logistics concepts, disruptive technologies, fuel sources, and business models.
  • Identify the environmental risks and impacts of increased shipping along the North Norwegian coast and propose suggestions for mitigation of these impact.