Project summary

Multidisciplinary project
  • Involves experts from Norway representing several academic fields.
  • Establishes a Competence Centre on Arctic Transport & Logistics.
  • Incorporates input from several stakeholders, including port authorities, logistics service providers, ship and cargo owners, transport organizations, and local governments.
  • The stakeholders participation will contribute to identification of maritime logistics needs.
Planned results
  • Provide critical new data and knowledge regarding transport flows and needs in Northern Norway.
  • Identify a proper design and location for a logistics hub(s).
  • Create economic and logistical benefits through the new maritime logistics system developed in the project.
  • Assess the latest technologies and logistics concepts available to promote the most efficient, reliable and profitable¬†operations while minimizing environmental impact.
Contribution to the society:
 Improved Logistics System:
  • Will strengthen Northern Scandinavia as an important supply region for raw materials and refined industrial products.
  • Will increase local value creation and business and industrial cooperation.
  • Will reduce emissions and other environmental and health impacts.
  • Will benefit local shipping businesses and logistics service providers.

Increased Regional Mobility

  • Will improve access to health services.
  • Will enhance the well-being of the local population.
  • Will promote increased educational opportunities.
  • Will increase local job prospects and promote cultural activities.