Work package 4: Maritime logistics and intermodal sea-land transport connections

This part of the research will evaluate the current state of the maritime transport and logistics system in Northern Norway and existing sea-land transport connections and assess current challenges.

We will evaluate to what extent the current solution meets market needs and what barriers and bottlenecks exist that need to be overcome to meet these needs more effectively. We will then introduce new solutions with the potential to enhance logistical efficiency and lower costs.

A comparative analysis will be used to reveal the cost advantages of alternative solutions. To estimate the cost differences between alternative solutions and current solutions, a set of cost models will be developed, including separate cost models for road transport, rail transport and warehousing activities.

Cost information will be collected from interviews with practitioners (business owners and transport sector professionals). A comparative analysis will be used to identify the impact of the proposed solutions on CO2 emissions.

This research develops a set of mathematical models for analysing the environmental mitigation potential of such alternative solutions, based on energy use data from across the entire supply chain.