English Language and Literature – In-depth Learning (ELLiL)


International exchange for student teachers with a teaching practice focus

This four-year project (2020–2024) is rooted in cooperation between the Faculty of Education and Arts, Nord University, Norway, and the School of Education, Bishop’s University, Québec, Canada. The innovative aspect of ELLiL is to guide and enlist the support of dynamic student teachers together with school mentor teachers to deepen ELT in the area of critical thinking and critical connections to the world (= in-depth learning).

Central to the project is a small number of fully funded scholarships for dedicated student teachers – Norwegian students visiting Canada and Canadian students visiting Norway – for a four-month international exchange. The exchange students will have opportunities to gain credits, while also teaching English once a week in a local elementary or secondary school (grades 1–10). These schools are especially selected for the project for good university – student – school cooperation, with the long-term aim of enriching the opportunities and potential of school practice in teacher education.

Each international student exchange will begin with a blended learning course for the exchange students and school mentor teachers focusing on deep reading for in-depth learning.

Deep reading stimulates empathy and interculturality and prepares students for transformative in-depth learning through sharing critical perspectives on the real world, such as social justice issues. With regular collaboration between the project teams – teacher educators, school mentor teachers and student teachers – the project participants will explore how to support student teachers in becoming change agents for English language and literature teaching in school.

Project members will learn from each other, while trialling a new and innovative school practice model.