Participating Schools in Norway

Bodø, Norway: Bankgata Middle School

Bankgata ungdomsskole. (photo: Tove Tjønnøy) 

Bankgata Middle School is the oldest school in Bodø and is situated in the city center. As such, it combines the traditional concept of spacious hallways and classrooms with modern teaching practice. The school teaches eighth through tenth grade and receives students from two different primary schools. There are approximately 300 students at the school, spread across the three grade levels. Diversity is a big part of the school’s everyday life, as it receives all new arrivals to the city from other countries and teaches introductory Norwegian.

Bankgata Middle School is a learning organization where knowledge, multiculturalism and creativeness are key elements. The first impression is often made by exploring the corridors and seeing all the wonderful student art that decorate our interior.

Student art in the school corridors. (photo: Tove Tjønnøy) 

More of the student artwork. (photo: Tove Tjønnøy) 

The school’s staff is proud to be a part of Bankgata, and are very happy to have become a university school, which helps us continue to grow as an organization.

From the left: The school’s principal Even Ågnes, English teachers Katrine Lekang Eiterjord and Remi Antonsen, Vice principal Ruta Andreassen. (photo: Tove Tjønnøy)

Bodø, Norway: Tverlandet School

Tverlandet School is a new school which is situated in Tverlandet, 18 kilometers from Bodø. The school was completed in August 2019. At this time the old Løding School (grade 1-4) and the old Tverlandet School (grade 5-10) were merged into one school housing 578 students and 80 employees. At the new Tverlandet School every grade has its own department with its own entrance. The students are placed in two or three classes depending on the number of students in the grade.

Tverlandet skole. (photo: Aleksander Ramberg, Bodø kommune)
The school has a lot of light and open spaces. (photo: Aleksander Ramberg, Bodø kommune)

The school’s vision is Green, alive and active – we create the future together.

Green: We will all make responsible and ethical decisions and be environmentally conscious. Our actions and choices are important. We will protect life on earth both locally, regionally and globally.

Alive: We value different talents and qualities. We will be dynamic, creative and bold.

Active: The students will be active in the learning process. They will be challenged cognitively and physically, preferably at the same time.

Physical activities should be integrated in the teaching in order to increase the students’ pulse and making the teaching less abstract, connecting the learning material with specific practical tasks.

Main entrance and the auditorium. (photo: Aleksander Ramberg, Bodø kommune)
The facilities are state of the art. (photo: Aleksander Ramberg, Bodø kommune)
Anne-Grethe Mathisen Dølvik, principal of Tverlandet skole welcomes ELLiL-students from Bishop’s University to the school. (photo: Per Jarl Elle, Nord University)
(left) Håkon Ree, Tone Brattli, Anniken Aune, Silje Rostad and Martine Kongshaug are English teachers at the school. (photo: Per Jarl Elle, Nord University)