English Students and the ISU scare up a collaboration

Students from Bachelor of English & the English One-Year Programme, MAGLU English, LESAMF English, and the International Students’ Union recently joined forces for this year’s zombie walk. Timed with Halloween, over 20 students from these groups worked together to create a night to remember. Nearly 100 Nord students and community members dared to come for a scare.

This year, the zombie walk turned the Nord University basement into Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s secret laboratory. As students moved through the settings with their guide, played by LESAMF student Ingjerd Arnøy, they learned what Dr. Frankenstein (played by Prof. Jessica Allen Hanssen) has been up to for the last 22 years: a top-secret experiment to create the “perfect” student — this from taking the very best of body parts, stitching them together, and electrifying them to life! With Patient 23 (played by BAENG student Quien Yen Nhi Pham) on the table, and with her trusted assistant Masha (played by MAGLU student Lena Braun) by her side, perhaps this would be the year that Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments didn’t go wrong…

As part of the zombie walk, students watched a brief promotional video, made by BAENG students Andjela Dmitrievic and Angela Lossius Halmø, about Dr. Frankenstein’s “experiments.

Nope! Despite her best efforts, the zombies kept piling up, and when Patient 23 “zombified” Dr. Frankenstein, all hell broke loose! The zombies, the result of many years of past failed experiments, gave chase, and students had to quickly run through the dark basement halls and fight off the hordes before reaching safety. It was all in fun, of course, although the screams echoing in the basement corridors might have given a different impression.

According to ISU president San Mercuri, “Fear doesn’t know language barriers! We had students who got so super-scared that they came back twice or even three times to redo the run, and to take pictures with us zombies. Both English and the International Students’ Union care about student welfare, well-being and involvement. We make a great team!”

The entire coordination of the zombie walk was directed by students, who were supported by faculty from English, as well as by colleagues from nursing and natural sciences, who graciously loaned lab equipment and supplies. Nord’s Campus Services were also involved, and ensured that the basement would be safe and open on the night of the event. Everyone had a great time, as one can see from the photo library below.

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