The Department of English routinely offers short online courses on specialized themes relevant to everyday professional life and lifelong learning, open to all.

Micro-courses are a great introduction to English as a field of study, and can also supplement a variety of study programs. Whether one is a working professional seeking advancement, a pensioner seeking opportunities to continue their passion for learning, or is in between careers, a micro-course offers compact and dynamic engagement with topics of high relevance to today’s society. They also provide opportunities to make new friends from Norway and around the world.

Check here often, as new micro-courses are offered year-round. Is there a topic within English that you are interested in us developing as a micro-course? Please let us know: english@nord.no

Quick Facts about Micro-courses:

  • They are short study opportunities of between 1-3 credits, focused on precisely targeted subjects
  • A course of 2.5 credits corresponds to approximately 62.5 – 75 working hours per student
  • Courses are offered mainly online, but can also be physical
  • There are five fixed application deadlines each year: 1 February, 15 April, 1 July, 1 September and 15 November

Current Offers in English

Rhythm and rhyme – Can you recognize the beat?

Communication is all about creating meaning. People use English in a creative way in everyday life. In this micro-course, students will learn about and play with rhythm and rhyme as communicative tools in oral English texts, for example in Reader’s Theatre, Slam Poetry and songs. The increased awareness of the role of rhythm and rhyme will strengthen your communication skills, and at the same time you can transfer the new text competence to children and young people in your own work practice.

The course is adapted to people in work, and teaching takes place as compulsory teaching sessions in real time online.

Further information can be found here.

Are you interested in learning more about how to communicate effectively across different cultures? Do you have a passion for clear, crisp, and socially aware English communication? The micro-course “Diversity and Intercultural Communication” engages these themes and more in an interactive and positive environment.

Intercultural competence might be defined as “the ability to relate constructively to people who have mindsets and/or communication styles that are different from one’s own” (Dypedahl, 2019). With this as a starting point, this micro-course will develop awareness about the necessity of understanding the ideas of cultures and diversity in an increasingly fast-paced and communication-driven world. Participants will reflect on their own cultural values and backgrounds, including their own willingness to communicate and preferences, and will receive practical guidance for how to best express oneself and respect others in a clear and professional way.

Further information can be found here.

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