unhallowed: the seminar

We’re delighted to host, along with our colleagues in the Nord University research group Humanities, Culture, and Education, a research seminar that ties together several of the larger themes we’ve been exploring with Frankenreads this semester.

Frankenstein and the Gothic mood infusing the text has inspired quite a few of us at Nord University to (re)consider certain cultural and academic touchstones, and we have invited our colleague from University of Leuven, Belgium, Dr. Brecht de Groote, to join us for the occasion. His talk, on the idea of lateness in literature and education, is based in part on his entry into the Frankenstein-themed special edition of Litteraria Pragensia that I have been editing with Dr. Cassandra Falke at University of Tromsø, and it’s sure to be a highlight. In addition, photojournalist Roar Wiik and I will debut a short Frankenreads documentary video, featuring photos, video, and participant interviews. Local students, faculty, and interested public are most welcome to join us on Monday as we celebrate “the unhallowed” in literature, arts, and education!