Emancipating the Editor: Prague Workshop and Seminar

These last couple of months have been wild, to say the least, but I have been meaning to post some photos from my recent workshop and seminar at the historic Charles University, Prague for some time now. From March 12-15th, Prof. Cassandra Falke of University of Tromsø, recent Nord guest and University of Leuven postdoc Brecht De Groote, and I were invited to meet the Litteraria Pragensia team in Prague as a part of their ongoing KREAS project. Professor Martin Procházka, our intrepid editor-in-chief, was the kindest of hosts, and I learned so much about the illustrious history of the university and of Prague in general from him, Professor Ondřej Pilný, Senior Lecturer Mirka Horová, and Mgr. Petra Johana Poncarová.

We launched the journal, of which I am exceedingly (probably too) proud, presented our research in a debate-filled research workshop, and participated in a graduate seminar — not on Shelley, but on Coleridge, which forced me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way. Here are some snapshots from the events, but they cannot possibly capture the excitement of being in the place and being present with Frankenstein once again.

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