Reference Group

The Monitor 2024 project is organised as strategic partnership between Nord University and Bodø2024 IKS, where requirements of impartiality are addressed. For that purpose, the Monitor 2024 project has established a Reference Group. The main purpose of the Reference Group (RG) is to follow up and assure the scientific quality of the evaluation and monitoring of Bodø2024. The RG should also provide strategic recommendations for the evaluation and monitoring throughout the project period (2022 – 2025), including the quality assurance of the framework for the evaluation as well as periodic evaluations and monitoring reports. The RG shall also give input to potential academic spin-offs of the evaluation, as well as review and give recommendations for the use of the project’s resources. 

Dr. Beatriz Garcia, Associate Director, Centre for Cultural Value, University of Leeds; Hon. Senior Research Fellow, International Cultural Policy & Mega-Events, University of Liverpool (UK)

Beatriz is one of the world leading expert on cultural capitals who advances academically sound and policy relevant methodologies to capture intrinsic value of cultural interventions as well as their role as catalysts for social, political and economic change. Dr Garcia is a highly sought after public speaker and has given more than 150 invited keynotes in over 32 countries.

Dr. Martin Piber, Professor, University of Innsbruck (Austria)

In his research Martin focuses on managing and evaluating cultural organizations, the understanding of impact and performance measurement, the relevance of culture for society, aesthetics and business ethics. Other current (change) projects address the evaluation, the impact and the organization of European Capitals of Culture.

Dr. Hilmar Rommetvedt, Research Professor, NORCE (Norway)

Dr. Hilmar Rommetvedt is Research Professor at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, and former member of the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). He was the leader of the evaluation of Stavanger as European Capital of Culture in 2008. His research focuses on parliaments, governments and organized interests, and policy-making and implementation in various policy areas such as the environment, agriculture, culture, sport, international trade and health and welfare services.

Anna Margrethe Welle, Assistant municipality director, Bodø municipality

Anna Welle is assistant municipal director of Bodø municipality/kommune. She is engaged in creating and increasing the atractiveness of Bodø and Nordland. She is a member of the board in nye/new Bodø as well as leader of the board of trainee salten. Both organisations work towards increasing the atractiveness of living and working in Bodø and Salten

Odd Henriksen, Director, Nordland County

Odd Henriksen is the director for community development in the Nordland county authority (fylkeskommune), with responsibility for climate/environment and culture. He has a law degree and extensive experience as a manager in both the private and public sector.

Dr. Anatoli Bourmistrov, Professor, Nord University, the lead of Monitor 2024

Dr. Oliver Henk, Postdoc, Nord University, Secretary for the Reference Group

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