Reading for in-depth English Learning:
Texts in and beyond the classroom
May 6-8, 2024 | Bodø, Norway

The RidEL conference will open on Monday 6 May at 14:30 and close on Wednesday 8 May at 16:45. Conference activities will be guided by two strands:

Strand 1:
Teacher education for in-depth English language learning with children’s literature
Strand 2:
Interculturality, diversity & critical literacy in English language learning with children’s literature
We acknowledge that the conference takes place in the region of Sápme, where the Sámi people have lived in harmony with nature since time immemorial. Bådåddjo/Buvvda/Bodø is in the geographical area of the Lule and Pite Sámi languages.
Mij lip diedulattja konferánssa Sámen dáhpáduvvá, gånnå sáme li ájgij tjadá viessum ja årrum. Bådåddjo/Buvvda/Bodø l julev- ja bidumsáme guovllo.

Phone:        755 17 000


Postal address

Post box 1490

8049 Bodø

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