Women in a digitized sports culture

Project timeline: 2022-2023

Prosject researchers: Anne Tjønndal, Egil Rogstad, Sigbjørn Skirbekk og Stian Røsten

Network partners: Kristen Frandsen (Aarhus University) og Riikka Turtainen (University of Turku)

External collaborations: Ørebro University, Norwegian school of Science and Technology (NTNU), Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen, Dalarna University, Jyväskylä University, Tampere University 

Master students: Helen Kvernberg (Nord University), Therese Hareide Holstad (NTNU) og Roald Berge (NTNU)

Project description

Women in a digitized sports culture is a project set up through three workshops with Nord University in Norway (W1), University of Turku, Finland (W2) and Aarhus University in Denmark (W3) respectively. The workshops aim to contribute to research and scientific collaboration across national boundaries in Scandinavia through three workshops with an aim to explore how women coaches and referees (W1), athletes (W2) and journalists (W3) practice and navigate in a more diversified, networked, and technologically loaded media and sport environment. The themes of the workshops are: “Women coaches and referees: sport performance technologies and leadership in a digitized sports culture”(W1), “Women athletes: practicing and performing with digital communication technologies”(W2), and “Women in a mediatized sports journalistic culture”(W3). By exploring three different groups of women with different roles in sport we address matters of inequalities now emerging with digitization, and contributes a new, comparative and interdisciplinary perspective to research in sport, gender and media. 


The project is funded through the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS).