RESPONSE is an interdisciplinary research group at Nord University. The research group is organized under the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV), and the majority of our researchers work at FSV. On this website, you can get to know the RESPONSE researchers, our research projects, events, and lectures. We work with many disciplines, including sociology, pedagogy, Human Research Management (HRM), organization and management, history, and sports science.

We are all active researchers, communicators, and lecturers. We explore various issues related to sports and the role and importance of sports in society.

Some specific topics of our research are:

  • Social inequality and exclusion from sports
  • Sports, gender, and equality
  • Activity and health
  • Youth sports
  • Esports and digitization of sports
  • Management and organization
  • Elite sports and events
  • Sport, environment, and sustainability
  • Sports technology and innovation
  • Culture of movement, aesthetics, and nature experiences.

Our researchers lecture and supervise several different study programs, at the bachelor, master, and PhD levels. We also partake in social debates, and at professional and scientific seminars and conferences both nationwide and abroad. 

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