Talks and lectures


  • Tjønndal, A. (2023). Combining research and activism? Reflections on working with stakeholders in sociology of sport. Symposium on Sport & Neutrality. Lillehammer, 27.10.2023.


  • Rogstad, E., Skirbekk, S.B., Røsten, S. & Tjønndal, A. (2022). Technology in refereeing and coaching. NOS-HS Workshop Women in a Digitzed Sports Culture: Coaches and Referees. Nord University, 24.06.2022.
  • Tjønndal, A. (2022). Challenges and Dilemmas faced with the inclusion of esports. 15TH INTERNATIONAL SESSION FOR NATIONAL OLYMPIC ACADEMIES’ & NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEES’ DELEGATEs, 16-22 May 2022. Athen, Hellas. 


  • Tjønndal, A. (2021). Pathways for Women in Leadership Roles. UNESCO ICM Webinar: Inclusion of Women and Girls in Martial Arts, UNESCO.
  • Tjønndal, A. (2021). A typology of sport innovation & social innovation in sports. Keynote speaker at the Nordic Sports Innovation Summit.


  • Tjønndal, A. (2020). Sports Related Concussion: a hidden crisis? Young Researchers Night, Bodø, 25.09.2020.