Sustainability in sport and leisure 

Project timeline: April 2021 – December 2022

Prosject researchers: Anne Tjønndal, Maja Nilssen, Anne Kamilla Lund, Berit Irene Vannebo, Mads Skauge, Bjørnar Blaalid og Line Danielsen, Stian Røsten og Frida Wågan 

External collaborations: Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)

Master students: Martine Limstrand (Sociology, Nord University) and Marlene Daleng (HRM, Nord University)

Project description

The project is part of the research project Leadership, co-creation, and sustainability in Norwegian organizations (LESAB) at Nord University. Sustainability in sport and leisure explores how sports and leisure organizations work toward sustainable development. The aim of the research project is to examine: 

  • How do sport and leisure organizations approach sustainability issues and work towards sustainable development? 
  • How do leaders and managers in sport and leisure organizations experience potentials and terms for sustainable development work? 

A range of Norwegian sport and leisure organizations are examined. This includes empirical studies of: 

  • The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) 
  • EcoTrail Oslo 
  • The Norwegian Climbing Association (NKF) 
  • The BUA Foundation 
  • The Norwegian Football Association (NFF) 
  • Bodø/Glimt

Data collection was done in the fall of 2021 and the winter of 2022. Findings from the research project are published in an open-access book, published with the Norwegian academic publisher Universitetsforlaget. 

Funding: Nord University, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Scientific publications: Open Access book in Norwegian, published with Universitetsforlaget. 

Research dissemination: Academic podcast with episodes about the individual chapters in one combined season.