Sports democracy in Nordland

Project timeline: 2022-2023

Project researchers: Maja Nilssen, Line Dverseth Danielsen, Siv Stavang Aune, Ingrid Botslangen Frantzen og Anne Tjønndal

External collaborations: Norland Sports District

Project description 

This project focuses on sports democracy in Nordland County. The project is a collaboration between Nordland Idrettskrets (Nordland Sports District) and the research group RESPONSE at Nord University. The background for the project is actualized through new suggestions of how representation at the national sports assembly can be developed to make representation more democratic than the current model.

This project examines how sports clubs in Nordland County participate in the regional and national sports democracy and sports political arenas. Additionally, the project will develop knowledge of who participates (age, gender, role in the sports club: leaders/athletes/coaches) in the regional sports democracy. The research methods we use are a combination of document studies of protocols from previous sports assemblies in Nordland Sports District and a quantitative survey of sports clubs in Nordland County.


Norges Idrettsforbund. (2022). Høring om Idrettstingets fremtidige sammensetning.