Amalia Mailli

Role: Bioinformatician

​I am a PhD candidate and bioinformatician from Greece employed by Nord University since 2015. 

I have an educational background in Marine Biology (Bsc), taxonomy and biodiversity (Msc).

I started my PhD project with the aim to investigate benthic communities around Norwegian fish farms using mRNA to identify the species present and their function within that community. This is quite an unusual approach as mRNA has rarely been used for taxonomic identification, most commonly determined through rRNA and/or DNA. Therefore, my project has become a very methods-heavy study where the data are investigated through numerous, home-brewed bioinformatic pipelines ​and data crunching. The outcome of this PhD will reveal the efficiency and extent of using mRNA as a taxonomic indicator as well as very significant blindspots on similar studies related to the methods and databases used.  

At the faculty of biosciences and aquaculture, I am also assisting in labwork related to molecular research, and I collaborate with researchers in bioinformatic projects.

For custom bioinformatic scripts, visit my Github profile