Camela Haddad

I have always been fascinated by living organisms!
My university journey started in Mouloud Mammeri University, at Tizi Ouzou, Algeria, where I was pursuing pharmacy studies. During two years there, I studied chemistry (general, organic, analytical, mineral, biochemistry…), some human-related subjects (anatomy, physiology, pathologies…) and botany. The latter made me discover and “fall in love” with Flora’s World. Thus, I decided that I wanted to study “life” on a broader scale, not just focusing on humans and this is how I started my Bachelor of Sciences in Biology, in Nord University.

Now, completing my first year, I am trying to learn more about different groups of organisms to find out the master (and further studies) I will choose. Eager to learn, I am always ready to volunteer and help on lab- and fieldworks.

For this summer, I am trying to learn more about the beautiful wild orchids we can find in Bodø, Norway. How do some orchids manage to have an “insect-shape” colored labellum? Does this modified petal increase greatly the pollination success of its flower?

I am also very much interested in the co-evolution of insects with flowering plants. I am growing interest in evolutionary traps and I am considerably gaining skills in sticklebacks and gobies fish hunting!