Leona Milec

I completed my MSc degree at KU Leuven, Belgium with a specialisation in Ecology, Diversity and Evolution and a master thesis in climate change physiology of brown algae. I started moving towards the north during my internship at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden on the behavioural ecology of salmonids. Since June 2018 I am working in Bodø, Norway on the population genomics of freshwater sardines in Central African lakes in the context of sustainable fisheries management.

​I am creating reference genomes of Limnothrissa miodon and Stolothrissa tanganicae, and analysing population genomic data of the two species in a number of different contexts. I am particularly interested in species-specific differences in evolutionary potential, the spatio-temporal structure of their stocks, the introduction/invasion biology of L. miodon and factors influencing their long-term resilience. The ultimate goal is to translate the results from these studies into indicators that can be easily communicated towards policy makers and implemented in local management action.

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