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Welcome to ARCTAQUA

Cross-Border Innovations in Arctic Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing animal production sector, and it is considered as an environmentally-sustainable industry that produces protein source for the growing world population. However, in Europe and Russia, the aquaculture production volumes have not followed the increasing demand for aquaculture products. Diversification of the farmed aquatic species is vital to cater to the market demands for fish protein. The main objective of ARCTAQUA is to promote the development of sustainable aquaculture in the Arctic region. For this, the ARCTAQUA will address main bottlenecks in the production of novel fish species (Arctic char, spotted wolffish, European whitefish and nelma) in the Arctic region; a strategy to improve the economic feasibility of the production systems of these species and to expand this industry. Ultimately, the ARCTAQUA will be a catalyst to create new job opportunities and contribute to the economic development of the Arctic region. This project is funded by Kolarctic CBC, EU, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland (, and


ARCTAQUA Workshop 2023

The final ARCTAQUA workshop was held at Thon Hotel in Bodø. Twenty-two participants

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Here in Bodø…

On 20-21 June, 2023, ARCTAQUA partners are gathering to share the knowledge gained

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Symposium in Chile

Fotios Pappas and Christos Palaiokostas from SLU participated in the XIV International

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Promotion at åpen bukt

On 2 October 2022, around 1750 people visited the research station of Nord University

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At EAS 2022

Khrystyna Kurta from The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and James Hinchcliffe from

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Research at Luke

Open-access bioinformatics pipeline to extract DNA variants for genomic studies

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Incubation of wolffish eggs

In the middle of January, batches of wolffish eggs were collected from broodstock fish that were

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International Science Festival

The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading popular science events

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Marker development at Luke

In genomic selection, tens of thousands of DNA markers are analyzed from tissue samples of

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